Custom Ornaments

With each custom design you’ll see the detail and artistry that is the trademark of Desmark quality. Our products are made of solid .020" brass.  Each design is photo-chemically etched and finished with an anti-tarnish 24kt gold or rhodium (silver tone) electroplating.

Unique ornaments require versatility

We offer two size options and a variety of border styles.

  • A popular choice is the larger of the two; approximately 3.25” in size.
  • Another preferred option is the smaller; approximately 2.25” in size.
  • Our ornaments often feature a variation of customary borders. Often times in round, oval, horizontal oval, and arched forms.

Compositions styles highlight creative sophistication

  • Our ornament style selection: flat, twist, push back, fold up, photo, and 3-D styles.
  • Various fonts, detailed elements, and comprehensive borders lend to the creative depiction of each magnificent memoir.




The flat-style ornament is one of our most popular and budget-friendly options. From a modest logo to highly intricate imagery, this style ornament allows for effortless beauty.

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The twist-style commemoratives feature a multi-tier frame. This skillfully designed style provides a glistening angled section, adding a slice of dimension in appearance.

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Fold-Up Style

Well-known for classic shapes, the fold-up style ornament illustrates 2 layers of brass complimenting its fine details. This is a fine choice for your custom-made treasure.

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This style is the pinnacle of dimensional imagery. The reflection of detail and intricate design contribute to the classic sophistication of a magnificent memoir.

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Push-Back Style

The push-back style adornment enhances any imagery or concept with an added element of depth. Your select depiction will be the center of attention bordered by its stylish frame and finely etched details.

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Photo Style

A selected photo brings any cherished remembrance to life. With vibrant scratch resistant imagery, this ornament will last as long as the precious memory it represents.

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Interlock Style

This style presents an eye-catching silhouette from any perspective, embellished with elegant details and endless shine. Exquisite design and captivating creativity lend to the beauty of our triple interlock ornaments.

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