Our quality custom-designed ornaments make the perfect fundraising idea for schools, nonprofits, churches, museums, and other organizations. Personalize with a logo, message, or photo!  Custom designs with individual gift packaging creates a unique fundraising opportunity.

Why choose custom ornaments for your fund raising endeavors?

  1. This fundraising option is a proven success. Ornaments are well received and treasured, not discarded.
  2. They signify a long-lasting keepsake for those who have supported your school, group, or organization.
  3. Ornaments are collectible. This ignites repeat purchases season after season. Therefore, you can acquire repeat supporters for your organization.

Tip for success:

Produce your first ornament this season, modify the design feature and date next season. This will enhance the collectable aspect of your fundraiser. Make a tradition of ornament fundraising this and every season. You can set your price at double, triple or more of your cost!

Desmark will provide helpful tools, such as marketing materials and ideas, fundraising information, and materials. We are here to support you in your fundraising endeavors.